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  1. Admul MG 40-04K
    From $261.04
  2. Admul Mg 60-04K
    From $275.84
  3. Bealite 718633
    From $524.44
  4. Beatreme 002 NT
    From $373.80
  5. Beatreme 3545
    From $896.60
  6. Beatreme 743 TC
    From $1,074.60
  7. Beatreme 9983
    From $426.86
  8. Beef Fat Powder 2310Ht
    From $671.84
  9. Emulsifier 4320 Nph
    From $458.02
  10. Kerrykreem 220Nt
    From $309.83
  11. Kerrykreem 277
    From $416.35

1-11 of 22 products

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About Kerry's Functional Ingredients

Kerry's food emulsifier products enhance the texture, shelf life and appearance of finished products. In addition, they reduce overall costs through operational efficiencies.

Food Protection

Kerry's consumer-friendly ingredients that protect and extend food and beverage product shelf life include clean label ingredients built from fermentation, vinegars and plant extracts as well as conventional preservation solutions that focus on cost-effectiveness. These ingredients can be combined and tailored to provide flavor and additional functionality while improving food safety, reducing waste and preventing spoilage, all without adding processing steps.

Emulsifiers and Texturants

Texturants and texture systems are carefully developed blends of emulsifiers, hydrocolloids and other selected functional ingredients that deliver specific performance in application, such as improving mouthfeel and increasing product stability.


Kerry's enzymes are developed for application in food and beverage products and human and animal nutrition. Kerry's bakery enzymes are designed to work in a range of applications including fine bakery, yeast raised dough and enriched dough.

Taste and Texture

From breads to sorbets to confections, Kerry provides a wide range of ingredients that help to improve the quality and consistency of your products. Kerry's products display consistent whipping performance and are widely used in sugar confectionary products. They are proven in a wide range of different processing methods and can replace egg white and gelatin in confectionery applications such as nougat, marshmallow, bird’s milk, jellies and chews. Kosher, halal, non-animal and allergen declarations are available to meet specific labeling requirements.