Red Arrow™ Authentic Smoke and Grill Flavors

Create winning products that maximize consumer
demand for regionally authentic and trendy smoke and grill profiles.

Igniting Innovation into the Future of Barbecue

See how Red Arrow™ transforms smoke and grill flavors into a sustainable ingredient for the future!

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Featured Products

  1. Fortified Fruit Crystalettes
    Fortified Fruit Crystalettes
    From $645.25
  2. Fruit Crystals®
    Fruit Crystals®
    From $759.01
  3. Non-Pareils
    From $122.94
  4. Rainbow Sprinkles
    Rainbow Sprinkles
    From $80.59
  5. RA CharDex® Hickory
    RA CharDex® Hickory
    From $602.91
  6. RA CharDex® Mesquite
    RA CharDex® Mesquite
    From $1,091.00
  7. RA Prime Rib 6151
    RA Prime Rib 6151
    From $1,796.38

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